Book of Hope Road Edition

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A Decision To Make

Do you ever tire of riding alone? Sometimes the road can get pretty lonely. Do your ever feel as though no one really understands? Do you wish you had a friend that would never betray you?

There is a longing inside each of us. It is a longing that no one or nothing in this world can fill. It is a need that God created inside your heart from the very beginning. Only God can fill this longing.

God can make you whole, and it begins with a relationship with Jesus. God sent Jesus as our Savior.

We all need rescuing from the wrong and immoral things we do, which is sin. We all fall short of the standard of holiness set by God. We can try to achieve it by being good, but that is like reaching for the unreachable. It’s impossible. We cannot save ourselves.

The good news is that God is not waiting around for you to clean yourself up; that is something he will help you with.

God sent Jesus to earth to save us. Jesus took the judgment and punishment we deserve when he died on the cross. Even while we were sinners, Jesus died for us. That’s how much he loves us. And, he came back to life in three days, proving he has all authority, even over death.

Jesus’ part was to take the punishment on the cross. Your part is to believe and act on what Jesus did by admitting your sin, going to him for forgiveness, and asking him to be your savior, your rescuer. If you are saying, “yes” to these things, then tell Jesus. Just turn your mind and heart to him and talk. If you need help in what to say, you can pray along as you read this:

“Jesus, I believe you were sent by God to take the punishment I deserved and rose from the dead to be my Savior. Please forgive me and free me from my sin. Come into my life and fulfill the longing in my heart that I have had for so long. I confess you as my Lord, so guide me to understand and