Book of Hope Road Edition

Mobile Edition


The Book of Hope is meant to be a source of encouragement to you. It includes the record of Jesus’ time on Earth, written down by four of his disciples: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

The Bible is all about God pursuing a relationship with humans. There is a cycle of his people turning away from him and him drawing them back again. This same problem happens over and over again until Jesus comes as the answer to the ancient problem of turning away from God. Through Jesus, we have the opportunity to remain in a relationship with God.

No one else has influenced the world as much as this man called Jesus Christ, but Jesus was more than just a man. He was also God, who became a man to live as an example for us and to die for our sins.

In the New Testament, the Bible explains how to connect with God and the way to be saved. Salvation (being saved) is a gift from God through believing in Christ, and not by any good things that anyone can do.

This is not a complete New Testament. It is an evangelism tool and a study guide for the life of Jesus as an introduction to Christ. It merely takes the four gospels in an easy to read version, the Contemporary English Version (CEV), and puts the story of Jesus in the order it happened so that it reads like a book. Plus there are 6 fill-in-the-blank study sections in the back of the actual books. This does not take the place of other biker bibles, it is just another tool to communicate the story of Christ.

The Freedom of The Open Road

It’s a feeling that cannot be described. It must be experienced—the wind at your back, sun on your face, and nothing but miles of highway in front of you. Each new dawn brings new adventures— some good, some bad, but every one unexpected. The lure of the road is almost intoxicating…a longing obsession for the rebel, the warrior, the dreamer, and the romantic. But freedom has its price. Life on the road requires sacrifices.

For some it has been close relationships with family and friends; for others, lack of stability and security. At times, it can be a lonely and isolated existence.We are hard-wired for relation- ship. God never intended for us to be alone. We find brotherhood and family in those who are like us; those who share the love of adventure and the power of the open road. The intensity of the lifestyle bonds you together. For so many of us, the road represents a journey to find something—anything—to give meaning to life. It can be a frustrating search, because everything of this earth—whether it’s stuff, or a place, or a relationship—is temporary and humanly broken. But we continue to ride, writing our stories out on mile after mile of road. The question is this… will your story make a difference in the life of someone else? And will that difference be for good or for bad? Maybe it’s time to change your story.

History is filled with those who have chosen the freedom of the road as their life’s story. Some have used it to “find” themselves, some to connect worlds, some to run from their past.

Their stories are as unique as your own.The Bible tells us of a man who spent a great deal of his life on the road. But his mode of travel wasn’t 720 pounds of steel and custom chrome. He traveled on foot, by a fisherman’s boat, and on the back of a lowly donkey. He was called a warrior, a rebel, and a dreamer. He gave up everything for us— and he asks us to go out as his warriors, as part of his family, with his name on our backs.

His story changed the world. His story can change you.