Book of Hope Road Edition

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Next Steps

You have turned your life to Jesus, knowing that he has rescued you. You have a future hope in heaven after you die, as well as the assurance of hope for your life right now – a life that is all about your relationship with Jesus. There are four new habits to work into your life that will make your relationship stronger.

Follow God’s GPS

The Book of Hope in your hands tells the story of Jesus. It has real answers for real problems. Much of this book is taken directly from the Bible. Read God’s word every day. The Bible provides spiritual guidance on the road of hope.

If there are sentences that are especially meaningful to you, memorize them so they won’t leave your heart and mind. This book is meant to be a source of encouragement to you. As you read, ask Jesus to help you understand. You can read and re-read, and Jesus will always be giving you new insights, new information, and new actions to take.

Speak Freely

Have a heart-to-heart with God. Prayer is your lifeline to Jesus. It is you talking to God and God’s talking to you. You can talk to him out loud or inside your head. He can hear you. God not only hears our prayers, but he can also answer them. He enjoys listening to you. You are never alone no matter what struggles or problems you may face. Pour out your heart to him; God can do more than you can ask or imagine.

Get with a Group

Jesus had a close group of friends that shared his love for God. This is an example for us. As we learn to navigate the road of hope, we can be encouraged and strengthened by meeting together weekly for prayer, Bible study, and worship.

Pass It On

Tell others about your personal story on the road of hope. You have received the greatest gift from God – Jesus as your Savior. Think about the people you love and tell them about this gift. God’s roadmap encourages all people to share the hope of