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Honor and Respect

Maybe you’ve seen it on some biker’s vest or heard the phrase, “Respect few, fear none,” sometimes stated, “Honor few, fear none.” Bikers, and others who live by this code, feel life has taught them they can trust almost no one outside of a few close associates, and even fewer are worthy of any kind of respect or honor. They “fear no one” because any threat, dishonor or disrespect shown them is taken as an assault against the entire group or club. Seems like a pretty harsh view of life, doesn’t it?

Here’s something that may surprise you. God agrees, sort of, but, He takes it even further. God’s word tells us that absolutely no one has earned the right to be respected and honored. We’ve all messed up. That’s the bad news.

Here’s the good news. He loves us anyway. Even though no amount of perseverance or prospecting would ever prove us worthy of His acceptance, He provides a way through His son, Jesus. And here’s more good news. We don’t have to fear anything or anyone because God himself has promised to always stand with us. You mess with one of His – you mess with Him.

God’s by-laws, the Bible, says we’re basically all in the same boat, none worthy yet all able to gain His acceptance if we choose His plan for our lives. If all are equal in God’s eyes then maybe we should treat all the same, with honor and respect. Even though few will ever earn it by our standards, all are able to receive it because God gives it.

Now, here’s the kicker. A life well lived is more powerful than any prayer you’ll ever pray, and honors and respects God more than any sermon ever preached.

Russ Cockrum

Read Section 4.36 to learn what Jesus taught about honoring others first.